Your project


1. Meeting with the client and deciding what is required

We meet with every client so that we can listen to their aesthetic wishes and economic expectations and also get an understanding of the technical issues involved in the project.


2. Brainstorming session on the lighting illumination project with our teams of designers

Creation meetings afford the possibility to design illuminations which captivate your attention with originality, energy and beauty; and guarantees to be entertaining and interesting. We like to establish a simple and direct relationship, allowing customers to settle themselves down in our production studio with our teams of designers, and work together to create a custommade illumination.

Thanks to the skills of an experienced team, choosing the right colours, light and concept, you can guarantee to bring a stylish look to any town or city.


3. Material, light, and engineering technique study

Economic and technical studies are carried out at the same time as the artistic design by both the project cell and the Research & Development department.


4. Production in a personalised workshop

We do everything by hand in our workshops in Apt, from specialist aluminium work to the most complex wiring: proof that you can stand for an idea of excellent craftsmanship in France.

The personalised support offered by Blachere Illumination means that clients can monitor the manufacturing of their projects at any time.

You may visit our workshops.


5. Delivery to the installation site

Each project is delivered to the installation site by a carrier partner, and logistical support optimises the efficiency of the delivery. Every part is protected according to its shape and its customised packaging can be reused.


6. Setting up the illuminations

A professional assembly team waits for the lighting designs so that they can carry out the installation work either during the day or at night, depending upon the urban environment in question, liaising with the Blachère illumination teams.


7. Lighting of the illumination project

This is when the magic happens, a very special moment in time which allows us to create a sense of surprise, enthusiasm and shared experience. The switching-on of the illuminations is a party which draws crowds and Blachère illumination can help you to organise this luminous event!


8. After-sales service

Telephone support is available 24/7 and can both answer your questions and fulfil your expectations. Our aim is to satisfy every single client.


9. Dismantling

The teams who handled the assembly also take care of the dismantling in order to optimise this stage of the project. The lighting designs are returned to their personalised racks so that they are protected and can travel quite safely.


10. Revision and storage

Once they are back at our factory, the sets undergo a highly qualitative process – they undergo a full check and are repaired before being stored away.

In order to protect all your motifs in the best way, we have 6 large warehouses on a storage area of 8 hectares.