Creative products delivered with confidence

Blachère have unrivalled products demonstrating creativity and innovation. The product quality is second to none. The Blachère studio is continuously developing new ideas and creative solutions to bring you the very best illuminations for your city or shopping centre.

Your project

Increasing customer’s involvement is a growing trend and delivers longer dwell time and viral marketing opportunities to city and shopping centres. We have developed interactive solutions using the latest mobile and illumination ­­technology that enable customers to create their own artist creations. Using this approach we work in collaboration with marketeers to develop effective campaigns.

– Understanding our customers needs
– Understanding shopping centre business needs
– Expressing the individual centre brand
– Creating stylish commerical ideas that bring benefits to shopping and city centres.
– Developing ideas which increase dwell time

Supporting brands with stylish commercial ideas
Increased footfall and longer dwell time are essential for shopping centres to be competitive. We understand the challenges faced by cities and shopping centres and the need to differentiate through strong individual brands. We work with our customers to develop ideas that support and express the individual brand. As well as always being stylish, we develop solutions that bring commercial benefit to retail spaces and add value.